Interesting websites for collectors and Mike Oldfield fans from all over the world. Enjoy them !!


One of the great collectors, Félix Mercader...Thanks for everything, master !!



Great spanish collector, Birdy...not only vinyl stuff...also pictures, multimedia, etc..



The most comprehensive on-line discography, interactive data base!!



Interesting website with multimedia, news, forum...all in many languages!!



The famous list of Rainer Muenz, updated and hosted in the web of Felix Mercader. Thanks for keeping it, it has always been very useful !!




I would like to express my gratitude to several people who have helped me and taught during these years of collecting this genius of music ...


Félix Mercader (again..)

Yannick Dély

Andrzej Wójtowicz

Chris K.

Paul B.

And I'm sure I forget many more ...